A successful journey

S. Spitz Gesellschaft m.b.H. has travelled a long and successful road from 1857 to today. Key events and milestones in the company's history:

  • Founding of the company S. Spitz

    Founding of the company S. Spitz at the Linz location by Salomon Spitz.

  • Production of liqueurs, schnapps and rum

    The Spitz company produces liqueurs, schnapps and rum in Linz-Urfahr and markets these regionally.

  • Site Attnang-Puchheim

    SPITZ products are now produced in the Attnang-Puchheim factory. The product and marketing range is extended by fruit juices and syrups.

  • Reconstruction of the company

    Councillor of Commerce Walter Scherb takes over management of the company after World War II and the Spitz product range once again includes all kinds of spirits and fruit juices.

  • Spitz is bought by Mr. Walter Scherb

    Councillor of Commerce Walter Scherb buys the Spitz company from Viktor Spitz and runs it as a limited commercial partnership.

  • Sales throughout Austria

    After the fall of the demarcation lines in Austria, the marketing range is extended to the entire federal territory. Until the end of the sixties, distribution is expanded systematically to all of Austria.

    Spitz becomes market leader in the spirits (fruit schnapps, plum brandy, liqueurs), as well as fruit juices (syrups) sectors.

  • The production plant becomes S. SPITZ Gesellschaft m.b.H.

    The Attnang-Puchheim production plant is now run in the form of a company with limited liability.

  • Product diversification

    The traditional production and marketing range is extended to include jams, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.

  • Baked goods production

    With the construction of a factory for baked goods, S. Spitz now also starts production of wafers, ladyfingers and cakes.

  • Bread factory and confectionery

    A separate bread factory is constructed and extensive expansion of confectionery production commences.

  • PET bottles

    The products are now bottled in the company's own PET bottle plant.

  • ISO 9001 certification

    The baked goods area is extended and the entire production operation is certified under ISO 9001.

  • Modernisation of production

    A new plant for the production of chocolate coated wafer curls is constructed and commissioned.

    The ketchup production and bottling plant is modernised, immediately enabling the production of unpreserved products. It's also full steam ahead for the bottling of a large variety of containers (from 320 ml to 1.5 kg standing tubes).

  • New Tetra Pak plant

    The new Tetra Pak plant allows filling of Tetra Rex cartons in package sizes of 0.5 l, 0.75 l and 1.0 l with screw-cap.

  • POWER HORSE Energy Drinks

    POWER HORSE Energy Drinks GmbH is founded. The company has a turnover of 24.6 million euros with a workforce of 55 employees from 15 nations.

  • New filling technology

    Investment in a new filling technology for non-alcoholic beverages (Aseptic Filling).

  • Recycling and new filling plant

    Founding of Pet2Pet Recycling GmbH.

    The aseptic filling plant for PET bottles as well as a new can filling plant are commissioned.

  • 150th anniversary

    S. Spitz celebrates the 150th anniversary of its existence and acquires a 51% holding in Gasteiner Mineralwasser GmbH.

  • Company takeover

    Spitz acquires a holding in the company Gasteiner Mineralwasser GmbH (51% Spitz, 49% Brauunion) based in Bad Gastein (Salzburg)

  • BioWärme for Attnang-Puchheim

    With the commissioning of BioWärme Spitz GmbH, internal energy demand can be fulfilled sustainably and in an environmentally-friendly manner as well as local heat supplied for the Attnang Puchheim region.

  • Company takeover

    Spitz acquires the company Auer GmbH based in Spillern (Lower Austria).

  • Headquarters Auer-Blaschke

    Relocation Auer-Blaschke company headquarters from Auer-Blaschke from Spillern to Attnang

  • Company takeover Gasteiner Mineralwasser GmbH

    Takeover of the remaining shares and thus ownership of 100% of Gasteiner Mineralwasser GmbH

  • Company takeover Honigmayr GmbH

    Company takeover of Honigmayr GmbH, based in Tenneck (SBG)