Quality at Spitz is a fundamental standard we set ourselves, something we think about, practise and put to the test comprehensively.

Strategic research and development, expertly trained staff, the latest production technologies and processes from the purchase of raw materials through production to marketing – all of this ensures that our end products are produced with consistently top quality.

Quality at Spitz goes beyond
classic product-related control

We offer:

  • An integrated quality and process management system for controlling and continuously improving business processes
  • Deviation management to ensure seamless root cause analysis in case of non-conformities and implementation of sustainable corrective and preventive actions
  • Audit management for processing external certifications as well as customer, supplier and internal audits

Quality thanks to forward-looking technologies

Every single product at Spitz is produced according to the strictest quality criteria and repeatedly tested in our own, state-of-the-art lab.

For us, optimal quality begins with the purchasing of raw materials. Only raw materials from suppliers who meet our strict quality specifications are used in the processing of our products.

Investment in education and training

Cutting-edge production technologies, such as ultrafiltration systems and cleanroom technologies, in conjunction with advanced, product-related quality controls are standard and matter of course for us. Even more importantly however is the fact that at Spitz we strive to continuously improve all processes in our company. That is because only continuous optimisation of infrastructure and technology as well as processes and procedures ensures that our quality commitment to our customers and retail partners can be sustained in the long term. And this is the primary goal of all of our considerations.

We therefore have an integrated quality and process management system at Spitz, which we use to manage and enable proper execution of all corporate procedures and to ensure continuous improvement of all of our business processes. In case of deviations, we perform direct and strategic cause analyses to ensure fast intervention with corrective measures and therefore avoidance of recurrent errors.

International Featured Standard - Food

Quality at the very highest level. This statement is backed up by the IFS certificate. In 2003, Spitz was one of the first Austrian food producers to be able to meet the strict requirements set by the International Food Standard.

GMO free

Spitz is proof that the foodstuff industry can be GMO free and focuses clearly on the needs of consumers. Spitz is the first producer in Austria to produce GMO-free toast bread and therefore plays a pioneering role in Austria.




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