Spitz is committed to sustainable and careful handling of the environment. Sustainability is not a short-term pursuit of profit for us, rather a long-term perspective that allows the three dimensions of


  • Economy
  • Ecology
  • Social responsibility

to be considered equally.


The Spitz corporate group is firmly rooted in Austria, which is why we also produce exclusively in Austria and primarily use local raw materials and resources. We only look to foreign raw materials for international specialities or if required for quality reasons. 

We are proud of the fact that we produce all of our Spitz products at a single production location in Attnang-Puchheim and therefore create added value fully in Austria.

Sustainability in a family business

Sustainability for Spitz however also means retaining the loyalty of our some 670 employees to the company in the long term. As a genuine and attractive employer we provide economic stability in the region.

Spitz is an independent company with a 160-year old family tradition. This economic independence allows us to treat our employees in a responsible manner and make robust and reliable decisions. This benefits the region, our workforce and therefore also their families.

Biowärme Attnang Puchheim

A significant step towards sustainable corporate governance was taken with the construction of our own bioheat power plant in 2008, which supplies not only our company but also the Attnang Puchheim area with local heat

More on the biomass power plant


Pet2Pet Recycling GmbH

As part owner of Pet2Pet Recycling GmbH, Spitz makes an important contribution to climate protection. The fact that we have our own railroad connection on the factory grounds underscores our commitment to sustainability.

More on Pet2Pet

Information at a glance:

BioWärme Attnang-Puchheim GmbH

Pet2Pet Recycling: www.pet2pet.at

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