S.Spitz GmbH has contributed significant pioneering work through the construction of the company's own biomass power plant. Since 2008, Spitz has been able to produce the process steam required for production itself from sustainable resources and is the first European food producer to actually put such a plant into practice.

In addition to supplying its own needs, the biomass power plant on its premises also supplies the Attnang-Puchheim region with local heat from renewable resources. Only forest wood chips in their natural state are used as energy carriers, coming entirely from the forests of the Salzkammergut and the immediate surroundings.

BioWärme Attnang-Puchheim GmbH produces 54,000 MWh of heating and 4,500 MWh of eco-energy annually. That corresponds to annual savings of 2.8 million litres of heavy fuel oil and 600 tonnes of butane gas. Converted into CO2 emissions, Spitz has therefore been able to reduce its annual output by around 14,000 tonnes.

Biomass power plant installations

  • Biomass storage
  • Steam boiler and thermos boiler
  • ORC module
  • Boiler house with transformer station and control room

Electrostatic separators are used for dedusting the biomass steam boiler system.

Picture: Boiler house
Picture: Boiler house and wood chip facility
Picture: OCR module

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