• Tarragon


    Every day is a mustard day!

    • Traditional Austrian recipe
    • Select ingredients
    • Special mixture of mustard seeds
    Available in sizes: 1.4 kg tube, 5 kg and 10 kg catering bucket
  • Tarragon



    Every day is a mustard day!

    • Optimal portion sizes for the catering trade
    • Available in handy dispenser box
    • Hygienic handling

    Available in sizes:

    100x 20 g sachets

Tarragon and Kremser Mustard



Every day is a mustard day! Based on an age-old tradition, milled mustard seed is mixed with fine wine vinegar, water and salt to form a paste The mustard gets its typical flavour from a complex, unique blend of spices.



The use of mustard in modern cooking extends far beyond its function as an accompaniment to Frankfurter sausages. Mustard is excellent with various hot or cold sausages and meat products. Meat loaf in particular is unimaginable for many gourmets without mustard.

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