1 whole duck, approx. 2.2 kg
1 apple
1 onion
1 bunch of parsley
Salt, freshly milled pepper
Nutmeg, pinch of marjoram and pinch of ground caraway
1/4 l milk
100 g butter
2 eggs
4 cl Spitz eggnog
200 g dried breadcrumbs
1 tbsp clarified butter
1.2 l chicken stock

Roast Duck

with eggnog and bread stuffing

  1. For the stuffing, peel and dice the apples and onions and sweat in a little butter. In the meantime, heat the remaining butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg, marjoram and caraway until the butter has melted. Add the apple and onion along with the eggs, Spitz eggnog and dried breadcrumbs and mix well. Leave to rest for 20 minutes.
  2. Wash the duck on the inside and outside and pat dry. Put the stuffing inside the cavity of the duck and tie the legs together.
  3. Season the skin with salt and pepper and brown on all sides. Roast in a pre-heated oven at 90 ˚C for two hours per kilo. Baste with the chicken stock every half an hour.
  4. Remove the duck from the oven, cut into slices and serve garnished with the herbs.