Ingredients for the kernel

130 g plums
13 g caster sugar
1 cl SPITZ Inländerrum
1 cl red wine
2 sheets gelatin


Ingredients for the cream

500 ml cream
90 g caster sugar
100 g mascarpone
10 ml lemon juice
1 cl SPITZ Inländerrum
1 g cinnamon
4 sheets gelatin
250 g chestnut puree



cocoa for sprinkling

Chestnut pyramid

Sweet speciality from Vienna!

  1. Let sugar caramelize in a pot, afterwards add pieces of plums and deglaze with red wine and Inländerrum. Squeeze the soaked gelatin sheets and add it. Boil thoroughly shortly and fill it in silicon forms (15g) and let it cool down.
  2. Whisk whipped-cream with sugar until it gets stiff for the chestnut mousse. Beat mascarpone, lemon juice, cinnamon and Inländerrum until fluffy. Add the chestnut mousse and stir it until smooth. Dissolve the soaked gelatin Sheets in some Inländerrum and fold it with whipped cream in the mass.
  3. Fill it in silicon pyramids, then press in the frozen plum kernel and wipe off smoothly. Now chill the desserts for some hours.
  4. Sprinkle the desserts with cocoa and serve it with plums



You can also use alternative forms e.g. muffin form, small cups or glasses.