Ingredients for the base

125 g butter
70 g dark chocolate
50 g vanilla sugar
9 Stk egg yolk
7 Stk egg white
140 g caster sugar
1 g salt
150 g cake flour
10 g cocoa


Ingredients for the cream

330 ml cream 36 %
4 Stk egg white
50 g caster sugar
125 g dark chocolate
3 sheets gelatin
2 cl SPITZ Inländerrum
3 g cocoa



100 g dark chocolate

Truffle cake

Viennese speciality

  1. Froth up butter, powdered sugar an vanilla sugar for the chocolate cake base and stir the egg yolks gradually. Afterwards add the melted chocolate. Whisk egg white with sugar and a pinch of salt to a till stiff. Stir the it in the butter mass. Afterwards, fold flour and cocoa gently in. Fill the mass into a cake ring and bake it at 180 degrees for 50 minutes. Then let it cool down.
  2. Whisk whipped cream until stiff for the chocolate-rum-cream. Additionally, whisk egg white and granulated sugar to a till stiff. Soak gelatin sheets, squeeze them out and warm them up in Inländerrum and let them disperse. Then, fold the gelatin in the beaten egg white, fold the liquid chocolate and whipped cream in.
  3. Cut the cake base horizontally one or two times at pleasure and fill them with chocolate mousse. Spread the sides and the topside thinnly with mousse and sprinkle it with chocolate fluffs. In the end, decorate the topside with mousse rosettes.



Sprinkle the chocolate bases with SPITZ Inländerrum. This let them get more intensive and succulent.


Diameter: 22cm

Baking time: 50 min at 180°C