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Sponsoring and cooperation


Strong success is based on strong partners! That is why we welcome your enquiries for sponsoring and cooperation, which are in tune with our company’s values.




Please understand however that we can only support regional events and projects that offer the corresponding advertising value.




Every enquiry for sponsoring we receive will be reviewed and evaluated by us according to internal sponsoring guidelines. Please note that the sponsoring decision will take some time.




We make every effort to reply to all enquiries as soon as possible, but due to time constraints cannot consider enquiries that arrive at short notice.




Unfortunately, we cannot process enquiries by mail, fax and telephone – please use our sponsoring enquiry form for this purpose.



Social responsibility

It goes without saying that Spitz takes its social responsibility very seriously and regularly supports social organisations such as regional social markets and children’s homes. These sponsoring commitments are, however, long-term, and we kindly ask for your understanding that we can only enter additional commitments in exceptional cases.