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Since 1920, Auer has been combining the crispiest, flakiest gourmet waffles with the finest creams. The most famous: the legendary silky-smooth hazelnut cream with feather-light layers of Auer Tortenecken, or the gently crunchy shell of the Auer Baumstämme. But a creamy ice cream sundae is also only half as heavenly without the crispy hollow rolls from Auer. Modern delicacies, like the crunchy Auer Fandoro rolls with creamy chocolate, complete the classic assortment of Viennese specialties. Take a bite and savour the many delicate treats from Auer.



In 1921, the original Blaschke coconut macaroon was invented by the master confectioner Johann Blaschke in Traiskirchen, near Vienna. Since then, it has been treasured and enjoyed by generations of fans. And so, the coconut macaroon has become an Austrian cult favourite. Each original Blaschke coconut macaroon unites the pinnacle of confectionery craftsmanship with the lovingly preserved Austrian baking tradition. Savour the perfect combination of fine ingredients, selected with the utmost care: crispy waffles, rich cream, fluffy coconut and the finest chocolate.



From the highest peaks, with the power to move mountains. Gasteiner originates in the High Tauern natural preserve. The pure mineral water comes crystal clear out of the depths of Austria’s untouched high alpine mountain landscape. It is the only mineral water from the High Tauern National Park.



Refreshing family fun: GOAL produces the most popular varieties of refreshing beverages for convenient enjoyment: whether in the practical Tetrapack or in PET bottles for when you’re on the go. The refreshing beverages are healthier than soft drinks, and more fun to drink than water.



Outstanding quality has always been the hallmark of Honigmayr honey. 100 years of experience, longstanding personal contact with passionate beekeepers across Austria and the best regions in the world, and a clear focus on their core competence make Honigmayr Austria’s leader in all things honey. At the same time, each jar of honey remains 100% natural. Pure nature that you can taste.