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Spitz Academy

Our company’s success has been built over the years on the expertise and dedication of our employees. We therefore attribute great importance to continuing education and training programmes, as well as their role in ensuring our further development together. With our comprehensive training initiative, the Spitz Academy, we combine solid fundamental courses with individual training and educational opportunities tailored to everyone’s needs – from apprentices to middle and upper management.

Next Generation Leader

We are especially proud of this modular education programme, which embodies the guiding principles of our Spitz Academy. Developed by our HR team in collaboration with external specialists, “Next Generation Leader” is tailored precisely to our needs and situation.


Through several training modules, we offer new and up-and-coming leaders in our team the opportunity to work towards a deeper understanding of our company values, their own leadership roles and how we at Spitz think about leadership. Thanks to this education, our future team leaders, department heads and area managers develop essential skills in self management, leading employees, communication and group dynamics.

Plant Operator Training Programme

Being a plant operator at Spitz means working daily to ensure that our production processes are running efficiently. These colleagues are alsoresponsible for the operation, monitoring, and control of the production facilities as well as continuous quality assurance of our products. Plant operators therefore play a crucial role in our company.


Since this position requires understanding of company-specific processes and in-depth specialised knowledge, we established a plant operator qualification programme at the Spitz Academy that is specifically tailored to Spitz. A combination of in-hourse and external training modules with various points of focus allow participants to develop comprehensive expertise of our processes and extensive knowledge relevant to the food technology sector.


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