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Entry-level & Experienced Candidates


Product developer, food engineer or laboratory technician are only some of the exciting positions that fall under this career profile. The focus that they share are the fundamental aspects of the wide variety of natural ingredients used at Spitz and the technical procedures involved in food manufacturing. This also includes developing product innovations in order to heighten the flavour experienced by our consumers. Our central focus is on continuous optimisation of our production processes, with uncompromising quality and food safety standards.

Laboratory, quality assurance, R & D - A focus on quality and food safety

Each production area at Spitz relies on the professionalism and competence of its own team of product developers and engineers. These workers are the brains behind numerous product and flavour innovations, making sure that they can also be produced in high quality at an industrial scale.


In product development and food technology, day-to-day tasks include creating samples, documenting plant experiments and testing packaging variants and ingredients.


Food engineers are also responsible for creating testing instructions and parameters for the production and quality assurance teams, as well as drafting specifications for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. This career profile also includes advancing the continuous improvement of processes and creating quality assurance documentation. These employees are also involved in both in-house and external audits.


Those who work in the main laboratory see to the execution of various testing procedures, such as testing and sampling incoming goods as well as our own semi-finished and finished products. They also serve as intermediaries between internal departments and external partners in order conduct and administrate evaluations, transport samples, and manage reference and retention samples.

Your strengths:

  • Completed career training in food engineering, biotechnology, nutrition, quality assurance or the laboratory environment
  • Basic understanding of sensory analysis
  • Comprehensive technical and technological understanding
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Precise and reliable working habits

Our Employees

Stefan is the lead scientist at the laboratory. Due to his leadership role, he is responsible for all group leaders and laboratory technicians and employees. Together with his team, he sees to the organisation and all processes of all laboratory activities. He is also tasked with managing all testing supplies such as scales and other measuring and testing instruments across the entire company. Rounding out his job description, he is involved in the development of the training programme for apprentices in the laboratory.

Astrid began her career with a summer job in the laboratory at Spitz. After completing her master’s degree in food science and technology, she returned to Spitz, where she collected further experience as a food engineer. Now, Astrid leads the technology and development team in the confectionery and baked goods division, and among other responsibilities oversees all of the new product developments for this product portfolio.

Alfred‘s purview is the central area for quality assurance, research and development at Spitz, and has been with the companyfor 25 years. He is at the nexus, so to speak, where the areas of laboratory operation, food safety, applicable food and hygiene regulations, and market trends and developments all come together. He also passes on his extensive experience to students as a lecturer at the Upper Austrian technical college. Alfred also oversees undergraduate and master’s theses that involve research conducted at Spitz.